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Published on 21 December, 2010

VBB visits unreached people group despite potential for persecution

Laos (MNN) — Vision Beyond Borders will celebrate Christmas in Southeast Asia this year, most likely keeping things quiet.

As you read this article, VBB volunteers are traveling through Laos and China to visit a number of churches. The team will bring gifts for the churches, including Bibles, funds for a toilet, and a guitar.

The most important gift the team will bring, however, is the Gospel message. Of course the message of Jesus Christ is always the most important news to bring, but especially in a circumstance such as this: "We're trying to reach out to a tribal group that's never been reached with the Gospel. Our goal is to reach about 80-90 percent within a couple weeks," explains Patrick Klein.

Reaching 90 percent of an unreached people group in a few weeks is ambitious as it is, but reaching 90 percent of an unreached people group under the eye of an anti-Christian government could be downright dangerous.

The Laotian government does not look kindly on Christians. Klein says, "A couple of years ago, the new leader said, ‘America's no longer our number one enemy: Christians are.' So they've really gone after the church. It's been a relative calm for a couple years, but it seems like it's picking back up again in the persecution."

Just two years ago, MNN reported that many Laotian believers had been held at gunpoint and forced to renounce their faith. Klein says recently there have been a host of Bible burnings throughout the country.

In light of possible persecution along with a burden to share the Gospel, Klein pleads for prayer. Pray that the team would remain under the radar while in Laos, and that the government would not be stirred by their presence. Pray that they would be able to reach the entire people group with the Gospel, and that many would be responsive despite persecution.

Reaching a tribe that has never heard the truth of Christ is an exciting venture, and you may find yourself wishing you could get involved. VBB has plenty of options available.

"If people want to support, that's great." You can give to VBB here. But Klein invites you to consider going on a mission trip, as well. "We can also use people to come on trips with us to help us come over and deliver Bibles to our brothers and sisters, and go into these remote areas, and bring the Gospel to people who have never heard. To me, we have the greatest responsibility in the whole world: we're ambassadors for Christ."

To be Christ's ambassador overseas with VBB, click here for a list of opportunities.

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