Kids help Nepal rebuild

By July 10, 2015
(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response/Piner Baptist Church)

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response/Piner Baptist Church)

USA (MNN/BGR) — Quick Geo Quiz: name the Earth’s highest mountain.

If you said Mount Everest, you’d be right. Now: what country is Mount Everest in? The mountain straddles the border between Nepal and China with roughly half the mountain in each country.

Even the name Everest is nearly synonymous with challenge and adventure.

What does this have to do with a group of elementary school students in Kentucky? Everything!

Vacation Bible School students at Piner Baptist Church in Morning View, Kentucky, climbed Mount Everest: the “Mount Everest” of giving, that is.

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response/Piner Baptist Church)

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response/Piner Baptist Church)

During VBS week, they were challenged to do something to help Nepal’s earthquake survivors rebuild their homes and villages. Baptist Global Response has been sharing stories about how, weeks after the disaster struck, people are still struggling to get enough food to eat and stay dry in the monsoon rains.

The kids, roughly a group of 100, were moved to action. VBS leaders set a $1,200 goal for students to reach. Anybody who has ever worked with children in a giving project knows that their hearts respond with compassion. Kids are the best messengers in the world once an idea like this begins to take root.

(Photo courtesy Piner Baptist Church)

(Photo courtesy Piner Baptist Church)

They wanted to make sure that BGR could get people where they were needed with the supplies that were needed and the hope that was needed. As the church collected money, a mountain climber was moved up a mountain to mark progress. After that week, Piner Baptist Church wrote BGR a check for $2,002.86. Students had pushed the climber to the top of the mountain and beyond.

While they weren’t actually on the mountain, the kids at Piner Baptist Church’s VBS did shout the message from the mountain tops “God loves you!”

There’s still more to do. Click here for details.

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  • Dear Saints in the Lord,
    Greetings from Nepal !
    I am Binod Kumar Mandal,Pastor of one independent church based in Kathmandu,
    Nepal.This country is very deeply steeped in Hinduism and Buddhism.I have a
    great desire to see Nepal as a Christian Nation.

    Nepal is a small country lies between India and China. World more than half
    population live in these two countries. If we win Nepal for Christ and able
    to declare Christian country that effect will go immediately in two

    We are praying and planning to open English Medium Mission School in Nepal
    for the poor and needy Children.Millions of children has no chance to go to
    school because of extremely poverty.Through school we can reach millions of
    needy families will become Christians when someone provides education for
    their children.

    If you have the burden for Christ and for his people then please help to set
    up the Mission school in Nepal.
    Blessing to you.
    For the Kingdom of God,
    Binod Kumar Mandal

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