VBS to be more than fun and games this summer

By January 20, 2011

International (MNN) — During the summer months, kids across the globe join in Vacation Bible Schools, having fun and learning about their Savior.

This summer at VBS, though, what if your child could learn how to be a radical giver?

The Evangelical Free Church of America has created a program to involve VBS participants in global missions and generosity.

"Every Drop Counts!" will teach kids about children in Haiti and Kolkata, India who have no access to clean, safe water.

Most children in the developed world don't think twice about grabbing a glass of water, or taking a clean shower. But much of the rest of the world has little to no access to safe water. In developing countries like Haiti and India, 80 percent of illnesses are caused by diseases passed through unclean water.

With Every Drop Counts! VBS, kids will not just learn about these suffering children, but they'll have the chance to help. By donating even nickels and pennies, kids will be helping kids. VBS children will be a blessing of Christ's love to children receiving clean water from their gifts, an example of Christ to children across the globe, and they will grow as Christ followers as they learn to steward His money.

The VBS you're involved with can join in, too. When you get your local VBS involved with Every Drop Counts! you will be provided with stickers, mouse pads and DVDs telling about life in the developing world in order to promote the program and VBS. E-mail [email protected] to get resources to start your program.

Also be sure to visit www.efca.org/globalfingerprints to find ideas on integrating water themes into your VBS.

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