Vice President Harris visits Guatemala

By June 10, 2021

Guatemala (MNN) — Hope. That’s what the people of Guatemala need more than anything else, according to a speech from U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.

But Brian Dennett of AMG International says that must involve hope for eternal life. “What we believe is that hope through Christ is the only true and lasting hope that we have. So with an eye on eternity, people have true hope in their life.”

The Vice President made a trip to Guatemala this week, looking to help improve living conditions in the country. In this way, the administration hopes to slow the tide of immigration into the U.S. and surrounding countries.

Investing in Guatemala

Dennett talks about why conditions would make people desperate enough to flee their homeland. “Urban families experience local gang violence, hunger caused now by the complications of COVID-19, and unemployment. And then in rural areas, you just have a complete lack of opportunity.”

Dennett says with large government efforts, a lot of money usually gets lost. AMG helps invest directly in small Guatemalan businesses. “[We helped] a single woman selling tortillas in the street. One project I remember from last year was a couple that wanted to open a small karate studio.”

They also partner with local churches to share the Gospel and foster strong communities. You can join this work or learn more at



(Header photo courtesy of Kaufdex from Pixabay)