Video shows long-term impact in Africa

By February 16, 2009

Africa (MNN) — Do you ever wonder if your gift to a ministry has any lasting impact? Book of Hope is encouraging its supporters with a video update detailing the impact God's Word has had on their lives. Three young people share how BOH materials transformed their lives over four years ago. Book of Hope brings the compassion of Christ into young lives with the Book of Hope and the GodMan film.

BOH works throughout Africa and has distributed over 15 million copies of the Book of Hope in West Africa. Working in Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, about 90 percent of BOH distributions are done in schools with the permission of the government. The video update contains accounts from three young people in Ghana: Richard, Derrick and Mabel.

Richard described himself as "disobedient, unhappy, fond of lying and stealing" before he received the Book of Hope in 2003. Today, at age 15, Richard continues to walk with the Lord in happiness and obedience.

The Book of Hope changed Derrick's life 5 years ago, when he was disrespectful and fond of insulting his neighbors. Today his faith remains strong, and he was able to give up his bad habits by God's grace. Mabel also learned obedience and respect through the Book of Hope and is now involved with her local church.

The challenges of Africa include poverty, violence, AIDS and corruption. Book of Hope is facing these challenges by bringing God's Word to young people across the continent. You can help with this mission and receive a free copy of the latest video update by clicking here. To view other videos of BOH work, click here to visit the video gallery.


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