Vietnamese Pastor attacked–again

By April 10, 2015
(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs Canada)

(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs Canada)

Vietnam (MNN) — What does it look like to be a brave soldier for God? When you’re pushed down again and again, but you refuse to give up or give in.

Vietnamese pastor Nguyen Hong Quang has been beaten and arrested multiple times in recent years. Sadly, both he and his son have been beaten again.

Pastor Quang and his son were attacked by a group of seven, then joined by 20 more men. Two additional pastors tried to intervene in the beating and were also hurt in the process.

This took place while police looked on and did nothing to stop the assault.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada reports Pastor Quang had a broken finger and several wounds on his face. His son also had several injuries.

The pastor has been severely beaten and thrown in jail many times over the years. His Bible College has been ransacked multiple times–one time by hundreds of assailants.

Earlier this year, Pastor Quang and a colleague were brutally assaulted.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada says Pastor Quang, a trained lawyer, is targeted often because he has spoken up against the violations the government has made against freedom of religion in Vietnam.

In an interview, Pastor Quang said, “They follow me the past 20 years, but in this period it’s more intense. The government was afraid of me creating riots to take back the land.”

These brave pastors continue speaking up for Christianity and freedom of religion in Vietnam, despite persecution. Pray for their strength and for divine protection. Pray also that the police will intervene if there are any more attacks.


  • mary pham says:

    This story and others, glorified Pastor Quang’s sufferings will continue to cause him and his followers more problems with alternative solution readily, available but you intentionally, avoided mentioning: he can apply and receive a permit to freely, practice his religion! By failing to do so, he’s clearly, showed interests not in Christianity, but politics as encouraged by foreign based churches.
    Vietnam is the 2nd largest Asian nation (behind the Philippines) and over 15 millions Vietnamese Christians as well as 2 Vatican-appointed cardinals appear to have few issues with freedom of religion. Why focus on this 1 politically, motivated trouble-maker Pastor with 20 followers (1/2 is his family)?

  • Lu Brumbaugh says:

    What a shame that Mary Pham puts the blame on Pastor Quang! VOM is asking for prayer, not unfounded critical words. I pray that Pastor Quang will be able to stand firm and follow Christ Jesus. I pray Mary Pham will come to know the healing power of Jesus.

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