Vigilante mob kills Pakistani Christian over alleged blasphemy

By June 10, 2024

Pakistan (MNN) — Mob violence has claimed another life in Pakistan. We reported that 74-year-old Nazir Masih, a Pakistani Christian, was attacked on May 25 after he was accused of burning pages from the Koran.

The radical Muslim mob beat him unconscious, and his family was placed under police protection. Last week, Masih passed away from his injuries. He was a well-respected businessman in his community.

Piles of shoes and other material burn outside the Christian shop.
(Photo courtesy of FMI)

Greg Kelley with Unknown Nations says no Pakistani Christian is safe from false blasphemy charges and the vigilante mob.

“Many of them are just ginned up, false accusations. But the point of that is that the justice system is really afraid because once it gets said that an individual violated a blasphemy law, then the court systems are in a tricky spot because they’re afraid. They know what the power of the mob is [and] that vigilante justice that will kick in.”

Although there is fear, videos from Masih’s funeral showed fellow believers publicly praising Jesus.

Pray faithful Christians in Pakistan would cling to and proclaim the Gospel.

“We need to pray that truth is revealed,” Kelley says. “We need to pray that these Christian leaders would have boldness and they would have courage. If they were here, that’s what they would be asking for. They would say, ‘Pray that I have boldness. Pray that I have courage.’”

Please also pray for the attackers, that they would recognize their need for a Savior in Jesus Christ.





Header photo courtesy of Junaid Nawaz/Unsplash.

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