Village comes to Christ after possessed girl is healed

By March 4, 2010

South Asia (MNN) — For nine months, a teenage girl in South Asia suffered from what appeared to be demon possession.

When a JESUS Film Project team member found out about the girl, he took his wife and a few other believers to the girl's home and began to pray. Over the span of a week, they saw small daily improvements until, on the seventh day of prayer, the girl was completely healed. Her parents immediately burned their idols, and the whole family turned to Christ.

What is even more dramatic is the impact that this miracle had on the village. The villagers knew about the troubles the girl had undergone up to this point, and when they saw evidence that she had been healed, every one of them turned to Christ.

This JESUS Film team member has now baptized 32 adults in the village, and the village has formed its own 25-family, 65-person church. Pray that this new church would thrive, that the Lord would continue to use the JESUS Film team member to speak truth to these new believers, and that God would use this healed young woman to do great things in His Kingdom.

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