Violence in Iraq isn’t stopping Open Doors work

By March 3, 2006

Iraq (MNN) — As the violence in Iraq continues to escalate, Open Doors remains committed to carrying out its ministry in the country.

Mahmud is Open Doors’ field coordinator in Iraq. “The problems increase. Some cities and regions have become scenes of violence, hate and oppression.”

However, Open Doors remains one of the few organizations that still carries out project and helps local churches in Iraq.

Last year the ministry distributed 20,000 Arabic children’s Bibles, set up 12 libraries for adults and children in churches nationwide, translated six children’s booklets and produced a special music cassette. This year copies of the handbook, Counseling Youth, as well as a newly published daily devotional called One Year Through the Bible and The Chronicles of Narnia series will be distributed throughout the country. Open Doors will also produce and print 40 brochures and leaflets concerning medical issues, opening opportunities to build bridges between Muslims and Christians.

Mahmud says, “We are grateful for the prayers of Open Doors’ supporters and the funds made available by them for Iraq. But life and work is not easy in Iraq. So, keep praying.”

The Open Doors team in Iraq, consisting of only local Iraqi Christians, is doing a remarkable job given the turmoil. Almost every day incidents take place that reflect the insecurity of the country. Friends and relatives of the Open Doors team members have been kidnapped.

Despite that, the increased danger in Iraq has brought increasing unity within the body of Christ. Mahmud says, “The leaders of the various churches are still working on forming an evangelical alliance. They have almost finished the process. Creating such a platform will help the Church to remain strong, forming one fist in this country.”

Pray that many who are causing the problems will receive some of the resources and eventually turn to Christ.

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