Violence strikes the Somali Church again

By May 2, 2008

Somalia (MNN) — An Islamic extremist group has murdered
another Somali Christian.

Bernie Daniel with Voice of the
says the details about the April 22nd
killing have only recently emerged. "A Christian brother by the name of David Abdulwahab Mohamed Ali
who was only 29 years old–an active evangelist–was killed by the same militia
that avowed the attacks on the teachers, the Al Shabab militia, which is a
militant Islamic organization affiliated with Al Qaeda."

According to a report from the International Christian
Concern, David converted to Christianity in 1995. He was living in Yemen but had to flee to
Ethiopia because of government persecution. This April, David returned to Somalia to visit family, where Al Shabab
found him.

The group is fighting to implement Sharia law in Somalia
and create an Islamic state. They have
vowed to eradicate Christianity. That
threat causes great concern for the church body there. Less than three percent of the population is
Christian, and the rest is Sunni Muslim.

Al Shabab has claimed responsibility for killing four
Christians over the last six months. Daniel believes this will intensify. "The situation for our Christian brethren in Somalia is very dire.
It's a very tiny community in a militant Islamic society, so there is a kind of
open season on Christians in Somalia." 

Daniel urges prayer for the body of Christ in Somalia: "The response of the Christians in Somalia is going to be to
carry on the message of the Cross, at great cost to their lives." 

Pray for encouragement and strength for the
Christians remaining in Somalia as well as for those who have been forced to
leave their homes.

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