Virtual church unites Farsi-speaking believers

By September 9, 2022

Iran (MNN) — Iranian Christians live under the threat of persecution from neighbors, family, and the state itself. Many left Islam behind, drawing anger from the community around them. They often live in great isolation.

That’s why Heart4Iran provides a virtual church to connect Farsi-speaking Christians.

Cammy Perez, digital media manager for Mohabat TV, says, “When seekers in the Diaspora or in Iran attend a virtual church service, they can expect a warm welcome from our online pastors, a call to worship through song, sermons, and Bible teaching.”

“They can also experience a time of engagement with our online pastors, who answer attendee comments and questions.”

It’s not a new situation for the Church. The Apostle Paul communicated with local churches through letters, the advanced technology of the day.

Beyond streaming

But the goal is to move people beyond streaming. Christians can also meet in smaller groups for prayer and Bible reading.

Heart4Iran has seen an incredible response to this platform. Perez says, “I believe this is only the beginning. Hundreds of people contact us through our online platforms. People’s lives are being transformed because of the Gospel. One day, when the curtain is pulled back, I think we will see in full the wide scope and breadth of the impact of our work and your partnership.”

You can support Heart4Iran’s work here.

Ask God to greatly grow and strengthen the Iranian Church.



Header photo courtesy of Heart4Iran on Facebook.