Vision Beyond Borders provides hope through children’s homes and prayer guides

By June 8, 2010

Burma (MNN) — Trapped between two governments who do not want them, the Karen people continue to experience genocide. Vision Beyond Borders continues to reach out to them–many of whom are Christians, as well as other Burmese believers.

At the Children's Home supported by VBB, children are receiving shelter, nutrition and the hope of Christ. One of the orphans, whose parents were killed by the Burmese Army, recently arrived at the Children's Home and is already sharing the joy of Christ with others around him–showing them that joy is not dependent on one's circumstances.

In addition to supporting a Children's Home, VBB has a 30-day prayer guide for Burma to help inform Christians from around the world about the current situation.

The guide features a specific theme for each day, starting with a national overview then touching on vulnerable segments of its population, its struggling economy, the oppressed Karen people, and the mission outreach.

By the end of the 30 days, participants will have specific topics to pray about when they think of Burma and a better sense of the need for God there.

Would you like to pray for Burma? Click here to get your copy of the prayer guide or to learn about the orphans VBB supports and how you can help.

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