Vision Beyond Borders reaches out to thousands of homeless

By October 1, 2009

Romania (MNN) — Patrick Klein with Vision Beyond Borders recently
took a trip to Romania. His work with VBB's orphanage there and the many
homeless children in the country exposed him to the dire situation he had only
heard about.

"We went to Bucharest and were able to work with the street
kids. Currently, there are over 3,000 people living in the streets," Klein
said. "We took sandwiches to them. We went around and prayed for them and
really were able to minister the Gospel to them."

Of these 3,000 people on the streets, many are children. Klein said this is
because of the terrible state of the economy there. Many people have lost jobs and
cannot feed their children, so they send them out onto the streets to fend
for themselves. Or women divorce or lose a husband, and when they remarry,
their new husbands do not want the children from the previous marriage, and
those children are also put out on the streets.

"Kids live in sewers in Romania to try to stay warm in the
winter," Klein said. While visiting, he saw several kids living in the sewers.
The team brought them food, and before they ate, they bowed their heads and
thanked God for the food.

"How many American kids who live in beautiful houses and
have plenty of food to eat…give thanks to God for what they have?" Klein
asked himself.

Many are open to the message of Christ. However, to
cope with this hopeless state, many turn to drugs for escape. When asked what
they wanted most in the whole world, they said deliverance from their drug

"It's just heartbreaking when you see a six-year-old child with a glue sack in his hands sniffing glue, and knowing he's burning up
brain cells," Klein said.

As he ministered to these children, he envisioned what VBB and,
ultimately, Christ could do for them.

"Just seeing these people that are hopeless and being able to
share the truth of Jesus Christ with them–hopefully these people will come to
Christ…and be delivered," Klein said. "We really need people to agree in
prayer that these kids will be set free. Then we want to have a long, ongoing
work to help get them off the streets, find housing for them, and maybe even put
them in orphanages until they're old enough to go out on their own and provide
a living for themselves."

VBB currently has an orphanage in Romania, and Klein and his
team spent some of their time ministering to the children there. They helped the orphans with their greenhouses and their vegetables, and they also fixed the sagging roof of the orphanage
and winterize it for the upcoming cold weather.

As VBB begins this long-term ministry in Romania, Klein said
they are praying for God to open the hearts of believers in Romania and around
the world for these orphans and homeless.

"The Bible says in James 1 to take care of widows and
orphans is pure religion in the site of God," Klein said.

Consider partnering with VBB and sharing Christ's love and
compassion with these people who need it so desperately. Click here to help.

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