Vitamins for Peru Villagers

By January 1, 1970

Peru (MNN) – Visits to the doctor usual lead to the questions, "how are your eating habits? Are you eating nutritious foods?" Even if we don't eat healthy, we always have the option of taking vitamins.

Living in the jungle, it is hard for villagers to get the proper nutrition they need. E3 Partners talked about a ministry called Pure Charity, which is taking vitamins to the jungle in Peru.

With very little to no healthcare, on top of a lack of nutrition, many health issues arise within the villages. In March, a medical team is heading to many small villages along the river that flows through the Amazon jungle to provide the people with a month supply of vitamins.

The team will set up a medical clinic for five days, where the villagers can come and receive medical attention, as well as their month's supply of vitamins.

Pure Charity's goal is to receive $750.00 by March 12. These vitamins can impact up to 1,200 lives.

Pray that the funding for this project will come in. Ask God to use the medical team to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray that the vitamins will improve the health of the villages that receive it.

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