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Published on 27 July, 2010

Vocational School and development center provide outreach to Rukwa Valley

Tanzania (MNN) — What do sunflower oil, bees and carpentry have to do with one another? They are all projects in Rukwa Valley,
Tanzania, where Grace Ministries International missionaries are partnering with
natives to transform the community.

Since 2001, Ted and Kim Rabenold have served the village of
Kapenta and have since been joined by other GMI missionaries.

Located near Lake Rukwa, they have a boat ministry, which
allows pastors and evangelists to take the Gospel to other villages along the lake.
In addition to this ministry, they have nutrition and health care, ministry
specific to men or women, clean water projects, beekeeping, construction, sunflower
oil presses, and education.

At the Kapenta Vocational School, the carpentry and welding
services not only help the community, they also allow Tanzanians to develop
careers and brighten their futures. Additionally, they are hoping profits from
these services will make their development center self-supporting.

Another missionary, Mark Guilson, provides medical care for
thousands without even minimal medical service.

Through all their actions, the Rabenolds and the other missionaries
share Christ's love in each of these ministries.

Currently, the workshop at the vocational school has a new
supervisor, Adam Kalumbete. As Kalumbete undertakes this job of receiving and
filling orders and managing inventories, pray for wisdom and the Lord's

Pray for all these individuals as they contribute to the Kingdom.

Click here to learn more about the Rabenolds' ministry.

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