Voice of the Gospel share testimonies in evening service.

By September 23, 2003

Poland (MNN)–Alcohol and drug abuse in many ways have crippled families across much of Poland.

‘Voice of the Gospel’ has an outreach ministry to educate youth on drug and alcohol prevention. They do this by visiting and speaking to students in schools.

Currently, a team from VoG is in the South of Poland. Henryk Dedo, Director for VoG said that a spin off from one of the school meetings ended with the team sharing their testimonies during mass in a local Catholic Church.
“Thanks to God the evening mass lasted one hour longer than usual,” one of the team members enthusiastically responded.

“The city is full of posters and people are coming to listen to the Living Word. God is good and faithful to open such places for sharing the Gospel.”

Back To The Bible produces about 60 unique programs around the world, one of which is ‘Voice of the Gospel’. While the dominant medium has been radio, they’re growing to include printed media, audio, video, television and the Internet. We currently sponsor programs in 23 languages spoken by 56% of the world’s population.

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