Volunteer construction teams need to aid in Bible Translation

By October 29, 2004

Asia (MNN) — Wycliffe Associates is looking for your help in building 15 classrooms to help accommodate an expanding student body at a school where Bible translators are sending their children. Currently, more than 400 students attend this school. It opened its doors just five years ago in an area of the world that claims less than one-half of one-percent of the population Christian.

Wycliffe Associates President Bruce Smith says they’re trying to take care of needs of Bible translators in the field. “One of the most essential needs that they have is for adequate schooling facilities for their children. If you don’t take care of the schooling needs of the kids, the parents can’t sustain their engagements in the ministry.”

Smith says they can’t afford to lose translators. “Asia is an expanding area of Bible translation currently and anticipated in the coming years. In Southeast Asia specifically has approximately 250 languages that still need Bible translation.”

Wycliffe Associates isn’t asking people to join a construction team, although you can. Smith says they’re doing it a little bit differently. “We’re actually going to position one of our staff members there for the duration of the project. That will enable volunteers to come and go on their own schedule. We will have teams during some specific times, but if people are not available during those specific dates they will be able to go at other times in the upcoming months.”

Smith says the message to Christians worldwide is that everyone can use their various skills and be a part of the Bible translation effort. If you’d like to help, go to their web site at http://www.WycliffeAssociates.org or in the U-S call 1-800-TheWord.

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