Volunteering as a brand ambassador

By September 26, 2018

International (MNN) – Volunteering is typically viewed as a “hands-on” type of involvement. But volunteering with SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, is a bit different.

“Our production of the thousand hours of content that we’re broadcasting a week now across the Middle East and North Africa takes place in the Middle East. Eighty percent of it is produced in the Middle East, and so, in terms of ministry, it’s hard to go and be hands-on,” SAT-7’s Dennis Wiens says.

A Brand Ambassador

However, though a majority of SAT-7’s work takes place in the Middle East, there are still ways to be involved with the ministry.

Some volunteers have helped support the work by working as financial managers, video and audio producers, and editors.

But, Wiens shares, one of the best ways to volunteer is by being a ‘brand ambassador’ in sharing SAT-7’s success stories.

“Volunteering is just sharing these stories and helping people think correctly about the Middle East. It’s not just what people hear in the secular news. But, it’s God movements and how God is working to build His Church across the Middle East and North Africa.”

Wiens says a number of people he has met with only view the Middle East and North Africa in the ways secular news sources portray it.

Yet, when brand ambassadors share SAT-7’s stories, it ignites a realization that God is moving and working in the regions, and it motivates others to get involved through prayer, giving, and volunteering.

“By sharing the story, you can bring encouragement. You can bring excitement. You can help change public perception of the Middle East by telling the stories of Christians who have an incredible story to tell.”

Sharing on a Local Basis

Wiens shares a volunteer who’d been on a trip with SAT-7 grew motivated in sharing how SAT-7 was sharing the Gospel through media programs in the Middle East and North Africa.

She rallied about a dozen churches together in her local area for an event and helped to raise $1,600 for SAT-7.

“With SAT-7, a dollar provides one documented home a whole year of SAT-7. So, their $1,600 is providing 1,600 homes that year [with] SAT-7 broadcast where maybe they don’t have any other Christian resources.”

Wiens says some of the churches hadn’t heard about SAT-7, but this event introduced them to the ministry and initiated their enthusiasm to get involved in the future.

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“Somebody just took the initiative locally and we encourage people to do that and let us know, [and] we’ll send you some materials.”

Wiens encourages brand ambassadors to also invite SAT-7 speakers to their church to share about the ministry and success stories.

Sharing the stories of SAT-7, “it’s broader than just one mission, or one agency, or one ministry. You can really have a ministry to your whole network by being an encouragement and helping them learn something they weren’t aware of before.”

Get involved with SAT-7 by becoming a brand ambassador. Share SAT-7’s stories in your neighborhood and even on Facebook. Also, pray for their production process and that the Lord will continue using their programs to make an impact on people’s lives in the Middle East and North Africa.

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