Volunteers country-wide come to help aid organization for ministry

By October 5, 2007

USA (MNN) — As fall begins, Global Aid Network looks forward to seeing volunteers come to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to give them a hand.

Every October, GAiN  invites families from all over the country to join them with packaging. "We have families, we have elderly people, and, in fact, we say anyone from 5 to 95 is welcome. We're a bit unique in that we encourage families to come in and pack up our humanitarian aid," said Phil Liller. They usually get between five and seven thousand volunteers from around the country during the week and half to two weeks of the project.   

This year GAiN volunteers will be creating and packing Gospel bears, necklaces, aprons, seed packets, school supplies and clothing. 

The supplies are then taken on future mission trips where they essentially become a means of evangelism. "In probably 95 percent of the cases, the items can directly tell them about the Gospel of Christ. That's really a wonderful thing when you think we can go into countries in many places around the world and do that – places you wouldn't expect to be able to do it," said Liller.

Many families make a vacation out of the trip, some stay with relatives, and still others can stay in homes of local residents. Liller explained, "We do have housing that we
provide in the area. We have up to 150 local homes and families that have opened up their homes with a room or maybe in cases two or three rooms where people can come in and stay. That's their support for this project."

Jobs in the warehouse vary, depending on age. "The processes we consider really good for children are building the care packs of school supplies, sorting the seeds and putting them into family packs of seeds, and packing the bears and putting the Gospel necklace around the stuffed animals," said Liller. They can also help make the Gospel bracelets and necklaces as long as every child under twelve is under parent supervision.

"We could not do this without [the volunteers]. We just need the manpower," said Liller. 

Volunteers have a chance to interact during their work and in many cases stir the hearts of each other. "Some people have a heart to help but yet don't really want to go on a
mission trip–at least they don't think they do. But God starts to work on their hearts, and they start to see what it's like, and so many people have said, ‘Oh, I want to go,'" Liller said.

Liller expects a big turnout this year as in other years. Go here to get registered.

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