Volunteers needed for Haiti mission festival

By January 15, 2013

Haiti (MNN) — A week-long mission trip is gearing to enhance a greater vision for Haiti, and they need more volunteers.

Luis Palau Association (LPA) held their first Fun in the Son festival with Andrew Palau in Haiti last year. The festival in Port-au-Prince drew 35,000 people, and 1,500 came to know Christ as their Savior.

Registration is now open for a mission trip March 9-17 to prepare for LPA’s second annual Fun in the Son festival. The team will plug into the community, meet needs, and share the Gospel, ramping up to the festival on March 16. Trip registration closes at the end of January.

Liz Eischen with LPA says there are going to be many areas of ministry for volunteers to get involved in. One branch will be a children’s ministry team. “They will be going to schools and orphanages, and eye glass clinics that we’re putting on as well, and just connecting with the kids and engaging them.”

Team members will also be holding a second eye glass clinic in the general community with the help of an Ophthalmologist. “We can do screening for reading glasses, which helps people out a lot,” says Eischen. “If they can read, they can do better at their job and do better at providing for their family. So the eye glass clinics are a great way that we can see hundreds of people. We usually get around 500 per day.

“We also have school teams that are going to go and share with students. They’re going to be able to do an assembly-like setting to share why they’re there, invite them to the festival, share the Gospel, [and] we may have a musician.”

The short-term mission team in Haiti will be enhancing the long-term mission that a committee with LPA has been working on. Through pastor’s conferences and community involvement over the past year, this committee has been learning about the needs of the community, working with churches and business leaders to meet those needs leading up to the festival.

According to Eischen, “We’re not just coming in and doing our thing, but we’re working with the church in a way that enhances their ministry, blesses them, and also is just a connecting factor into the community. We’ve had a very positive response both from the church and the community.”

Team members will get resources and pre-trip devotionals from LPA to prepare for the trip. The first Sunday of the trip will feature team-building activities and orientation before going into various areas of community ministry.

It all leads up to the culmination of the Fun in the Son festival with Andrew Palau at the end of the week. Last year’s festival featured popular Christian music artists, professional BMX and FMX athletes, and a presentation of the Gospel message.

The trip already has a diverse team with registered members from their late teens to age 85. If you’re 16 or older and interested in bringing the Good News of Christ to Haiti, click here to register.

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