Volunteers needed for Lebanese summer camps

By July 10, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Jesus once told His disciples, “They will know you by your love.” In Lebanon, people know you by your shoes.

Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says Hannah’s dirty boots left quite an impression.

Whenever “she goes to a supermarket or pharmacy, [people] know that this is a person serving in the camps because of her dirty boots,” Nuna explains.

“They would ask her, ‘Why are you here?’ That is an open door for a testimony of God’s love for people.”

Hannah contacted Triumphant Mercy Lebanon after learning about its short-term volunteer opportunities. “She wanted to serve the region and be a blessing,” Nuna recalls.

“When she came, she plugged in immediately into [the] camps with refugees and did an amazing job.”

Lebanon and its overcrowded refugee camps aren’t exactly a tourist hotspot in the Middle East. Yet the Holy Spirit moves in the most desperate situations. “It’s difficult to see people in such hard times, [surrounded by] fear, uncertainty, and poverty,” Nuna says.

“[Lebanon’s environment is] so difficult emotionally; it is psychologically heavy. And yet people come.”

Got some free time this summer? You can make a difference like Hannah. Triumphant Mercy Lebanon needs volunteers to help run its summer camps.

(Photo courtesy of TM Lebanon)

“Summer camps are a great time to evangelize,” Nuna says.

“We have Bible stories for the unbelievers, the Muslims; we start with the prophetic stories leading up to Jesus and explain salvation. It’s hard to start with Jesus [because] they don’t know who He is.”

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“We send an application, people send us their availability, and then we can figure out the rest,” Nuna says.

“We’re looking for people who are believers, who are ethically good, and who are available to do whatever. They have to have a servant’s heart.”



Header and story images courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon.

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