Volunteers needed for Middle East outreach

By August 2, 2004

Middle East (MNN) — People living in Islamic majority countries are open to hearing the Gospel. Interserve is an organization that’s reaching out as servants to those living in the hard places. And, as they accomplish this, people are asking about spiritual things and that’s paving the way for sharing about Christ. But, they can’t do it without people like you willing to help.

Interserve’s Larry Dickson says there have been some challenges for especially American workers. Dickson says Christian workers from the United States have been targets in Islamic nations, but he says Christian can help change attitudes toward western workers. “I think when Americans are living the life that God has called them to, it will break down and animosity that some in the Middle East might have towards Americans,” and it causes them to ask questions.

Interserve is seeking to help the needy through education, food distribution, and even medical assistance. Dickson says this is just one example of providing for their physical needs to provide for their spiritual needs. “It’s the love of God and that connection just transcends any skepticism or doubts about westerns. It has opened many, many doors to sharing Christ and the love of God,” he says.

Dickson says that’s why volunteers are desperately needed. He says there’s a need for medical professionals, educators, business mentors, sport camp directors, and more. “We have about 1,200 openings, not just in the Middle East. There’s just a tremendous need for people to serve and in that serving relate the claims of Christ and advance the kingdom of God,” says Dickson.

If you’re interested in helping, go to their web site http://www.interserveusa.org.

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  • Your Name says:

    Am William Semaganda from Uganda, have been preaching the good news for last 30years,when l received this opportunity of volunteering to the middle East l grasped it with two hand’s,remember that here in Uganda. We are on fire of revival and we are more than ready to go not only to the middle East but all over the world and We are many in numbers well trained well prepared.

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