Volunteers needed in Haiti orphanage project

By September 14, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — The rebuilding of Haiti continues. Schools, homes, government buildings, businesses and orphanages are all being rebuilt.

Unfortunately, Haiti can't do it alone. That's why Orphan's Heart, the international arm of the Florida Baptist Children's Home, is getting involved.

Volunteer coordinator and project manager Lou Davis says, "We're working with a Haitian foundation for the construction, staffing, and training for an orphanage for approximately 90 children in the town of Bon Repos–which means 'good rest'–which is a northern suburb of Port-au-Prince."

Orphan's Heart is helping to build an orphanage there. "We actually start the construction proper at the beginning of this year. Almost all of our work is done by teams of volunteers, and it's financed by donations here in the U.S. of course."

This week Davis is leading a team of workers helping with phase one of the project. It includes "the building of the first of three houses for the children, along with all of the infrastructure needed to support them–water, electricity and septic–so that we can get the children out of miserable conditions that they're living in, hopefully by Christmas this year."

There's much more to do, and your help is needed.

Davis says this is not only about providing physically for children. "We're convinced from what we've seen that there's no way for Haiti to change through any outside influence. The only way it's going to change is by raising up a generation of responsible Christians adults that can change everything from the outside."

The orphanage is called "The Mango Tree Orphanage," and it's in an area where Voodoo is practiced heavily. "We're providing an influence there, kind of a' light on a hill' type of thing, where we can show the love of Christ to many more people than just the kids in the orphanage."

Orphan's Heart needs more volunteers, skilled, and unskilled. "There's room for everybody and activities for everybody there–not just construction, but also in evangelism and outreach."

If you'd like to help with the project, click here.


  • Dear whom it may concern,
    I am currently in the world of banking and looking to take some time out to devote myself to a cause close to home. I would be extremely interested in volunteering at the orphanage in Haiti over the coming months.
    Please provide me with further details ASAP.

    Many thanks

  • Hi, my name is Jordyn, I am 19 years old. Ive been on two mission trips to Haiti and absolutely love the people there. I feel called by God to volunteer in an orphanage for at least three months. I love taking care of children and showing them Gods love. I am flexible and willing to help in any way I can. I am just waiting for the opportunity to do so and I would love to get involved in this ministry.
    Thank you

  • Cory Shaw says:

    I’m Cory, I am very interested in volunteering with this ministry! I am 23 and I have a huge passion for children and Haiti! Please send me more information about how I could get involved here.
    Thank you

  • Sharon Felten says:

    Hi Cory, to find out what current opportunities are available with Orphan’s Heart, call them at (863) 577-4488, or e-mail them at
    [email protected] with your questions.

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