Volunteers to pack supplies in June

By May 19, 2016
GAIN_packing food group shot

USA (MNN) — This June, Global Aid Network is inviting volunteers to join them for a week at their logistics center in Lancaster, PA to pack hundreds of supplies set to ship worldwide.

GAIN_packing food

Packing GAIN meals is a great way to teach the next generation about missions.
(Photo, caption courtesy Global Aid Network via Facebook)

Mark Gaither, director of marketing and communications at Global Aid Network, explains, “Once a year we do a big project together. So we’ll have anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 people from all over the United States converge on our logistics center…and prepare this aid over a week’s time.”

GAiN works in more than 30 nations providing both aid and the Gospel. All the supplies GAiN provides make a final trip through this logistics center before being sent to their destinations. But what’s happening across the globe causing need in all these places?

“We have food shortages and we have humanitarian crises in several places. This is an unprecedented time in human history. We’ve never had more people displaced from their homes from this time than any time since World War Two and perhaps more than that,” Gaither explains.

Crisis Around the World

Middle East: The Middle East is filled with different refugee camps and cities which are overflowing and overburdened with individuals fleeing the violence of their homelands.

West Africa: The region is still recovering from the Ebola crisis and food security is a major issue in this area.

East Africa: Refugees are fleeing severe oppression and need aid.

South East Africa: Extreme droughts are threatening famines.

South Sudan: Both the youngest and one of the poorest countries in the world is suffering from too little food.

But GAiN is unique in the fact it has access to areas where no other aid organizations can really go. In fact, in some of these areas, the Gospel can’t even be openly talked about without threat of persecution or possible deportation.

Water filters are among the items GAIN USA is shipping to Liberia. (Image courtesy GAIN USA)

Water filters are among the items GAIN USA is shipping to Liberia.
(Image courtesy GAIN USA)

So we’re able to go in places where even the UN isn’t even able to go because we have indigenous workers, Christian workers that are part of the culture. They live there, they know the people, they know the culture, they know the suffering. And they have access to the people that most others wouldn’t,” Gaither says.

For GAiN, going where people are hurting the most, have the least to use, and need help is in its DNA. But when GAiN goes to these places, workers don’t only bring aid; they also bring the Gospel. As Gaither says, GAiN cares not just about the physical well beings of others, but also their spiritual needs by helping people build relationships with Christ. And you can help!

How to Help

Volunteer: Join GAiN this June and help pack supplies! Or, check out GAiN’s other volunteer needs and get connected!

Give: For every dollar given, 96 percent goes directly to ministry and aid. To donate to GAiN, click here!

Go: GAiN has opportunities for individuals to join them on the field and directly help those who are hurting. For upcoming trips with GAiN, click here!

Pray: Pray for Christian workers on location to be bold and faithful in their faith and also that they would be safe and protected. Pray also for the people who hear the Gospel to come to know Christ.

To learn more about who Gain is and what the organization is doing, click here!


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    Lord I pray for the Christian workers to be bold and faithful in their faith, keep them save , give them your protection. Open the hearts of the people to hear the Gospel and come to You, Lord. amen

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    Amen. Yes Lord bless all the volunteers, use these supplies for your Glory, fill the hungry with food and your life giving word. In Jesus name.

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    Do you get new eyeglasses for 25 cents delivered to your location. I have a source for new Magnavision and Foster Grants glasses. John

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