VOM Korea sent 23,000 Bibles into North Korea in 2020

By February 1, 2021

North Korea (MNN) — 23,000 Bibles crossed the border of North Korea in 2020, sent by the Voice of the Martyrs Korea. But it gets better, Eric Foley says. “As we have laid out our plans for 2021, we feel that realistically, as the Lord permits, we should be looking at about a 30% increase.”

Foley says North Korean Christians asked for more Bibles this year than any year since VOM Korea started 20 years ago. Though the South Korean government stopped all balloon launches into North Korea, including Bibles, VOM Korea was able to distribute the scriptures in other ways.

For instance, hand-to-hand distribution doubled in 2020. Foley says, “God isn’t tied to only one particular distribution method. And certainly, the demand for Bibles is never restricted by what governments do or don’t do.”Read more about the balloon launching situation here and here.

Children line up in front of a propaganda mural in Pyongyang, North Korea. (Photo by Thomas Evans on Unsplash)

VOM Korea consists of an underground network of Christians in North Korea and surrounding countries. It’s a complex system and it takes a while, but it’s effective. Foley says, “When you’re patient, and you take a multi-year approach, there are many different ways that you can move Bibles in an underground network. So we’re planning now not just for what we’re doing this year, but (should the Lord tarry in His return) we’re really looking ahead to the next five to ten years.”

Still launching

Currently, Foley faces charges for launching Bibles into North Korea via balloon. Despite the success of hand-to-hand transportation, VOM Korea continues to launch balloons during seasons of favorable wind.

Foley explains the continued need for balloons. “Balloon launching is still the most cost-effective way to get large numbers of Bibles into the southern portion of North Korea, which is where the greatest concentration of population is. And also, it is where the more affluent, higher-level people in the political environment are.”

Pray these smuggled Bibles will get into the hands of North Korean Christians. And pray Jesus will bless and strengthen His North Korean people.



The header photo shows Pyongyang, North Korea from above. (Photo by Thomas Evans on Unsplash)

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