Voodoo priests come to Christ in Haiti

By August 8, 2011

Haiti (MNN) — Recently we told you about a grassroots effort to dedicate Haiti to Christ. According to those who participated, God moved.

Pastor Robert Ulysse, a minister in the northwest region of Haiti, says they prayed each day at a different crossroad in the region.

According to Ulysse, "After we closed the 7th crossroad event on Saturday, a voodoo priest named Solivert Josep, came forward with his wife. They both declared that they wanted to renounce their voodoo practices in favor of the 'Living God.' We filled 3 pickup trucks with Christians and drove to the Joseph's home to remove and burn their voodoo articles.

Earlier in the week, another couple came forward to renounce their voodoo practices in favor of the "Living God." Ulysse recounts, "After the service, we went to their home at crossroad #5 to destroy their voodoo articles. They had more articles than anyone we have seen so far in this campaign. They attended all of the remaining crossroad services."

Another husband and wife who were saved out of their voodoo worship are so excited: "They have been trying to get their friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same," says Ulysse.

In general, says Ulysse, the seven crossroad events have been a complete victory. He adds, "Voodoo keeps people in bondage through fear. Haitians, in general, fear the power of voodoo more than they fear God."

However, many people believe that anyone who would dare attack the voodoo spirits on their turf (the crossroads) would be severely punished. Ulysse says, "Some people clearly said that they would wait to see if we could really hold the services at the crossroads without anyone among us being struck dead right there."

But that never happened. They prayed that God would protect them from even the smallest incidents. Ulysse reports, "We knew that any incident could be and would be interpreted as a punishment from the angry spirits of the crossroads. By the grace of God, we ended the 7 days without even a minor incident even though over-loaded pickup trucks and busses carried thousands of people over mountainous and other potentially-treacherous roads. So our God answered our prayers."

Ulysse is praying that the psychological effect on people will help them understand God's power.

The revival continues. Let's continue to pray to see where the Lord will lead this movement.

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