Want to help a billion people out of the poverty pit?

By May 25, 2012

International (MNN) — What if every person in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and the Philippines lived on less than a dollar a day?

It's pretty unfathomable to think of that many people living on so little. But all those populations add up to about one billion–about a seventh of the world's population. As it happens, one billion is about the number of people who live on less than a dollar a day around the globe.

In the last two years, this staggeringly large group has been joined by 74 million more people, Bright Hope International reports.

For the last 40 years, however, Bright Hope has been addressing extreme poverty around the world through the local church.

Bright Hope works mainly within the "teach a man to fish" model with the poor, not merely handing out food, but teaching agricultural skills, sponsoring micro-loans, providing education, assisting in healthcare, caring for orphans and helping with church planting to lift people out of crisis and give them hope for the future.

As Bright Hope has reached out to those living on less than a dollar a day in India, Chile, Peru, Kenya, Uganda, and more, families have not only climbed out of the pit of poverty, but into the arms of Jesus Christ.

Now Bright Hope is providing an opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of children and families in some of the poorest regions of the world. The Hope Builders Membership Program allows you and your family to help with a wide variety of needs each month.

Participants can be a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Member. Level 1 participants can provide a nourishing meal every day, a blanket, a hope pack of hygiene supplies, and a Bible for one child for just $30 per month. Level 2 provides all of those things, plus immunizations, school fees and supplies, mosquito nets and shoes for $65 a month. Level 3 provides all of those plus a micro-loan with training for an entire family for $100 a month.

To be a part of transforming a child or even a family in the name of Christ, click here.

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