War is affecting summer camps for kids

By July 24, 2015
Youth camp in Ukraine, 2014

Youth camp in Ukraine, 2014

Ukraine (MNN) — Everyone knows about the war in Ukraine. This situation makes it harder not only for political relationships between Ukraine and other countries, but it also makes it more difficult for Ukrainians–not to mention the work of Christians there.

Every year, evangelical churches invite young people to summer camps. One of these camps is usually held on the Coast of the Azov Sea in eastern Ukraine. This year, because of the war, they’ve had to move. According to camp leaders, it’s not safe to be in eastern Ukraine with a large group of people.

Because of the political uncertainty and violence in eastern Ukraine, the camp is moving to a quieter part of the country: Alexandria, in western Ukraine.

Kids form a cross at the Azov Sea

Kids form a cross at the Azov Sea

The main topic of this camp will be “Locked locks and questions without answers.” Through the camp, young people will discover the right keys to open those locks and answers to life’s important questions: “What is the meaning of life? Why were you born? How can you find happiness? Who is God?”

Those attending will meet new people, play games, participate in workshops, worship God as they hear God’s Word, and listen to a great Christian band.

Camp organizers hope many young people will come to Christ.

As the political uncertainty continues, it’s important for camps like this continue. It will ultimately help the next generation find the truth of Christ through God’s Word and the testimony of camp volunteers.

Pray that leaders will be wise in their counsel and that campers will have open ears to hear the Gospel and for safety as they participate.

If you would like more information about this camp, click here.

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