War the only answer to Syria crisis, says Assad

By August 6, 2013

Syria (MNN) — “War”, written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong in 1969, states a question answered immediately by its following chorus: “War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothin’!”

BGR continues to help families in need as Syria's crisis drags on. (Image courtesy BGR)

BGR continues to help families in need as Syria’s crisis drags on. (Image courtesy BGR)

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad doesn’t seem to agree. He’s digging his heels in, saying that war is the only way to end “terrorism” in Syria.

“How can we put an end to this battle…and restore security and stability? It is through this way (popular war)… unity between the army and people to terminate terrorism,” Assad said yesterday.

According to Reuters, Assad’s government deems all rebel groups and anyone fighting for his ouster “terrorists.”

It all started in March 2011, when a wave of uprisings dubbed “the Arab Spring” reached Syria’s doorstep. Demonstrators took to the streets protesting the torture of students who put up anti-government graffiti.

Assad security forces opened fire on the protestors, leading to an armed uprising that’s carried on for over two years.

The toll of this ongoing crisis is unbelievable: 4.25 million are internally displaced and more than 100,000 have been killed.

Baptist Global Response partners in Syria say basic resources are being rationed, including electricity, water and heating oil. People are living under siege without the basic necessities of life.

In the name of Christ, BGR is working with local churches to distribute things like food, medicine and hygiene items. You can lend a hand here.

Ask the Lord to protect BGR partners as they distribute these items. Pray for favor with men — not just with those who will be receiving the help, but also with any government or community authorities who can help or hinder the project.

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