Warning issued prior to Kenya attack

By March 31, 2014
(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

Kenya (ODM) — In light of the recent attack on a church in Mombasa, Kenya, this next story is sobering.

An Open Doors partner based in Kenya near the hostile northeastern border regions with Somalia has requested prayer after receiving a sobering message. He shared that an elderly Muslim stopped him recently as he walked home, warning him to be very careful because “people are being killed aimlessly and easily’”in the area.

“Do not relax in your security precautions just because things have quietened down a bit,” the elderly man cautioned. “The tactics have changed. Government and church leaders are being targeted. Please be very careful. Even in your compound, do not ignore any unknown package even if it looks like rubbish,” he added before driving away.

The Open Doors partner said, “I was able to verify the caution with a government security agent, and then thought it wise to ask you to uphold us in prayer. I will do my best to be careful, but ultimately, only the Lord can protect us…. Also pray for my fellow pastors. May God strengthen each of us because if any opt to leave, the flock gets scared and will scatter. That is not good.”

He then added, “I am not afraid and will not stop doing the work of God here. I just ask

(Photo courtesy Open Doors)

(Photo courtesy Open Doors)

that you kindly commit me into His able hands. I will stay here in obedience to His call to reach these people. Actually on Friday, I will travel to a remote village to see some brethren. I know it is dangerous, but if I do not go to minister to them, who will?”

Father, we thank You for the resilience of this brother, and others like him, in the face of grave danger. We also thank the elderly man who cared enough to warn him. Although he is Muslim, we ask that You change his heart and bless him with salvation in Christ. We also ask that You call more Muslims in that area to salvation in Jesus. Lastly Father, we ask for Your protection over all Your people living in this dangerous region of the world that is hostile toward the gospel. May Your Spirit fill them with strength, boldness and courage as they serve You.  In the blessed name of Jesus we pray, Amen. 


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