Veterans ministry prepares for exponential growth in Atlanta

By November 17, 2022

USA (MNN) — You know that feeling you get when the Holy Spirit wants you to do a certain thing? Then external circumstances start confirming that inkling you had?

Steve Prince of Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries, went through this process last fall. “We felt led to go to where there’s more activity in the veteran community. Michigan, where we’re currently based, has no active-duty posts and very minimal retirees” compared to other states, Prince says.

“As we were evaluating data, looking at the numbers, and praying about where we should go, we met somebody from Atlanta or Georgia almost daily.”

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Prince and his team stepped out in faith one year ago, launching a new branch of Warriors Set Free in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, “we’re following where God is leading us, and we’re excited about reaching more veterans and spreading the Gospel,” Prince says.

“We are obedient to what God is calling us to do, and there’s a lot of momentum. The doors keep flying open.”

According to a 2020 study, Georgia ranks 10th nationwide for having the most active-duty personnel. The same research placed Michigan at 44th of the country’s 50 states.

GallantFew at The Ranger Outreach Center provides one-on-one transition assistance and veteran support to Army Rangers and veterans in Columbus, Georgia.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Warriors Set Free)

Many veteran organizations are based in Atlanta because “there’s a huge need [for veteran services], both in Atlanta and across the state,” Prince says. During a recent visit, he connected with the City of Refuge, The Warrior Alliance, VETLANTA, and VEO.

“VEO is a property that houses vets [who are] struggling with homelessness. Their CEO participated in some ministry events with us, and he’s excited about us being on their campus,” Prince says.

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Pray for transformation in Atlanta as people find spiritual freedom through Christ. “We specialize in veterans because we are them. As you impact a veteran, you impact their marriage, family, community, and church,” Prince says.

Pray that many veteran and military-oriented organizations will partner with Warriors Set Free as they learn about freedom ministry. Leaders from several ministries recently went through “freedom appointments” led by Warriors Set Free.

“It’s like a one-day spiritual basic training. But for every individual we get to do that with, it has a dramatic impact, helping them become obedient to who God’s called them to be,” Prince says.

“I’ve heard from the staff of one organization that their leader is leading better and has become a more godly individual [as a result].”



In the header image, Steve (left) and Wayne (right) meet with Mitch (middle), a U.S. Army Ranger veteran and point-person for Warriors Set Free in Georgia. (Photo courtesy of Warriors Set Free)

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