Water for Zing

By August 26, 2009

Nigeria (MNN) — The Zing community in Nigeria is made up of five villages. Each village has 5,000 people. Those numbers only accounted for the non-migrants in the community. In the dry season, as many as 20,000 nomadic Fulani's would come to Zing community to find
water–which they did find. However, it wasn't clean.

That was the situation before Living Water International found out. Living Water began working with Relief Network Ministries at the end of 2008 to locate the best places for wells to be constructed for the community. They chose five locations–one for each village. 

Now, thousands of people of the Zing community as well as nomads and people from surrounding villages are getting water that is clean. 

Nearly 90 percent of all diseases are caused by unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. 2.2 billion deaths are caused by diarrhea each year alone, which is like
20 jumbo jets crashing every day.  One child under the age of five dies every 15 seconds due to waterborne diseases.

New wells provide health and longer healthier lives so people have more opportunity to hear the Gospel. Living Water does all their work in Jesus' name.    

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