Water, Hygiene, Sanitation — the big three in evangelism

By September 8, 2006

USA (MNN) — Lifewater International is focused on water, hygiene and sanitation. Lifewater’s Executive Director Dan Stevens calls those issues, ‘The Big Three.’

According to Stevens, Lifewater is a training organization. “We train North Americans to train national partners in water, sanitation and hygiene. And, when those three are introduced in a developing world, it really sets a foundation for the growth of well-being within a community.”

However, Stevens says there is one other aspect. “We perhaps should talk about the big four, because we believe those three have to be infused with the power and love of Christ and the understanding that it comes from Jesus.”

Lifewater works in 18 different countries of the world. This year alone their volunteers went on 30 national training trips, drilled 200 wells and repaired 200 more. Stevens says it’s essential that the nationals do the work. “They know how to tell people about the love of Jesus in a way that we can’t, because they’re culturally aware. They know how to share the Gospel in way that’s acceptable and hearable for the national people.”

Stevens says working with the Kale Hewit Church in Ethiopia is just one example of success. “What it has done for them is allowed them to move into places where they don’t have any ministry and in that process helped plant churches, helped share the Gospel and even in Muslim communities the Kale Hewit church is welcome.”

Funding continues to be an important need for Lifewater as there are still 1.8 billion people who lack clean safe water, 2.6 billion with no sanitation, and many of them have never heard the Gospel.

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