Water is opening up doors to the Gospel

By November 21, 2012

India (MNN) — Pastor Promod travels, preaches, and is even persecuted in a place that is only.01% Christian. But through Living Water International (LWI) and their partners, India is witnessing miracles.

The signs of the kingdom of God are so incredible that LWI is calling them Pentecost in Rajasthan.

One 12-year-old school boy is no longer deaf. He began walking to the church in Todi village when he was 12. One day, during worship he shouted out "Alleluia!" then, "Praise the Lord!" For the first time he could hear. His parents were delighted and quickly enrolled him into school.

Another man, Waloo, is cancer-free. The tumor on Waloo's neck grew and grew, and he was bed-ridden for two years. His aunt told him about the healing ministry at her church. He began to attend faithfully and was prayed for in Jesus' name. His tumor miraculously disappeared. Waloo says, "Jesus healed me." He makes his living selling ice cream, which he says gives him a chance to talk to children about Jesus.

There are many stories just like these two that you can watch unfold.

Miracles happen through an outpouring of the Gospel. When partnered churches first demonstrate God's love by offering safe, clean drinking water, persecution "melts away." They are then invited into homes, which opens doors for the Gospel. Your gift could help Jesus' hands and feet find a way into thirsty hearts.

Click here to help the Living Water staff in India, and around the world, use water to proclaim the Gospel.

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