Water ministry issues call to prayer

By February 10, 2009

International (MNN) — Diseases contracted through unsafe drinking water kill more
people than weapons of war. That breaks down to a child dying every 15
seconds because of the lack of clean water.

It costs an average of $0.98 to provide clean, safe water to
one person for one year. But there's
more to the need than physical thirst.

It is through Jesus Christ that every human being can be in
a right relationship with God; Jesus has the power to transform, to redeem, and
to change lives into stories of hope and purpose.

Living Water International is compelled by love to share
that hope. They do their work praying
and yearning for people to know Jesus.

That's why the ministry is issuing a call to prayer over the
global water crisis on October 10, 2009. It's part of a year of preparation for
a major action campaign slated on clean water to begin October 10, 2010. 

Living Water's Jerry Wiles says, "We're looking to have
proclamations issued by all the Heads of State in all the countries where we're
working, plus other organizations issuing proclamations or resolutions, coming
on board to mobilize prayer for the global water crisis." 

Wiles says believers have a choice for action: people can
pray, they can go, or they can give. It's all about presenting the Water of Life that comes with Christ. 

Wiles notes, "The prayer and evangelism is tied together. In
the areas where we work, there's a lot of spiritual darkness and bondage. So,
praying and doing strategic level intercessory prayer is necessary for
effective evangelism." 

LWI has 100 mission trips planned for this year. The teams go with the goal of training, equipping,
and consulting nationals, which helps the energy and resources result in a sustainable,
participatory water systems that meet the long-term needs of communities.

LWI's world-class training programs in shallow well
drilling, pump repair, and hygiene education have equipped thousands of
volunteers and professionals in the basics of integrated water solutions since

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