Water wells critical to keeping African countries ahead of water shortage

By December 24, 2009

Africa (MNN) — Liberia and Mozambique may be facing water
shortages in the coming months. That
makes working water wells a critical part of survival. 

World Hope International says their diesel well-drilling
rigs and some of their other equipment is in need of repair. They're asking for
master mechanics who can give a couple of months to help.

Their water programs
play a key role in community development and evangelistic ministry. They're looking for a candidate who would
have experience in engine and equipment repair and maintenance. Prior experience drilling wells is not
necessarily required, but they do need someone with a working knowledge of the
equipment involved, namely diesel engines and hydraulics.

Primary tasks would be to diagnose current equipment
problems, identify the parts needed, and repair the problem; identify worn parts
and filters that need replacing; inspect safety systems and make sure they're
operating safely; assess maintenance practices and offer training to locals.

They're hoping, if possible, that this candidate would be
able to travel to Sierra Leone and/or Zambia for similar work on those water

World Hope International believes that communities can be
transformed when the redemptive power of Jesus works in and through the local
faith community to bring about spiritual, social, economic and physical change. 

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