Waters receding in Mozambique, Christians stepping up relief

By March 13, 2007

Mozambique (MNN) — As the floodwaters continue to recede in
central Mozambique, the once-stranded people are now returning home to rebuild
their lives. The flood waters caused by heavy rains and cyclones caused
widespread homelessness. Operation Blessing International and German partner, Humedica, are
aiding that transition by providing food, water and "family start-up

President of OBI Bill Horan says while the rains have
stopped, they're not out of danger completely. "This time of year this
whole area is susceptible to cyclones and if it rains a lot up stream from the
area that was affected by the floods then we're back in trouble."

The receding water is also bringing with it other problems. Horan
says, "Many of the areas that were flooded, even though the water is down,
now are extremely muddy and are inaccessible by wheels vehicles. We're still
using helicopters down there for relief."

Horan says that's making the cost of relief very expensive,
but necessary. "Thousands and thousands of people have wound up on little
high spots that didn't used to be islands, but became islands when the rive
burst its banks. And so, you have people who had to escape from their villages
and took little if anything with them."

Their partners have enabled them to get the relief and
medical personnel into the region.

The biggest need right now is funding. While sharing their
faith is important, the top priority is saving lives. "We're very intent
in these situations to try to save lives first — save lives and alleviate
suffering. We certainly are happy to witness to anyone who's curious about
that, but at this stage of the game we're really in a life or death

Malaria was a problem before the flooding. Horran says it'll
be even worse now. "We can't do everything, obviously, but about all we
can do to that end is to provide as many as mosquito nets as possible and it'll
at least protect them when they're most vulnerable."

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