WBTC provides ‘armor’ for spiritual warfare in Nigeria

By September 24, 2009

Nigeria (MNN) — Last month, Islamic militants were
responsible for at least 600 deaths, intensifying the persecution in Nigeria.
But this failed to cause a blip of awareness on the global radar.

"It's almost like a resurgence of evil that's swept
across the northern part of Nigeria," describes Eric Fellman of the World
Bible Translation Center
. "The violence is increasing, and it's
essentially a large movement of radical Muslims against any Christian
institution, Christian family, or Christian-owned business."

An outbreak of violence yesterday added 20 more to the death
toll, including a pastor. Homes, churches, and businesses were all burnt in the
attack. The lack of global attention to this situation shocks Fellman.

"It's just unbelievable how vociferous, how violent
this has become with so little recognition by the world community," he

All denominations have experienced killings and destruction,
according to WBTC. One 13-year-old girl was attending church when Islamic radicals
broke in. She hid with the pastor as radicals killed the pastor's brother and
dragged her mother away. When the militants discovered the girl and her pastor,
they cut off the pastor's hand to stop him from holding her. In front of the
young girl, radicals then hacked the pastor to death with machetes and set his
body aflame.

WBTC is providing "spiritual
armor" for believers by replacing Bibles lost in these violent attacks. Fellman
estimates that approximately 10 percent of Bibles in Nigeria will be
obliterated in this time of persecution. Working through Nigeria's Anglican
Church and Oasis International, WBTC hopes to replace over 50,000 of these destroyed

"When churches are burned
and homes are raided, Bibles are lost," Fellman says. "There's no
single tool more important to the health of the church body than the

Boko Haram, translated "Western
education is evil," is the radical Islamic group responsible for these attacks.
Although they use their namesake as an excuse for striking believers, Fellman
believes there's a deeper reason.

"On a broader spiritual basis," he explains,
"I would have to say that this is an incredible attack of the enemy on one
of the most vibrant believing communities on the planet."

With a gift of $20, you could send five Bibles to Nigeria.
If you'd like to help WBTC replace the Word of God destroyed in persecution,
click here

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  • I am a 55 years married Nigerian with six children. I am a native speaker of Tula language in Gombe State of Nigeria.

    We have Tula New Testament. We started working on the old Testament.

    But with this works, we have not come out with a consultant acceptable print out language survey, linguistic analysis, orthography, grammar and dictionary.

    Since lack of this may affect our translation in one way or the other, I write to request for your assistance in analysing and consulting this works and print some if possible.

    I am ready to assist you in all your undertakings.

    thanks as I wait for your response.

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