WEA unites Christians — Darfur Sudan is a focus

By May 17, 2006

International (MNN) — With a peace deal signed between the government and rebel leaders in Darfur, the World Evangelical Alliance is asking Christians to unite behind the millions who are still suffering in the region.

WEA’s International Director Geoff Tunnicliffe that’s his organization’s role. “We really do three things. We seek to bring identity to evangelical Christians around the world. Secondly we provide a platform for collaboration of partnership to demonstrate unity within the body of Christ. And, Thirdly we seek to speak out on behalf of the evangelical community on the key global issues of the day.”

While this may sound political, Tunnicliffe says it’s done for the most important reason. “At the heart of who we are we talk about integral mission that word and deed are brought together through the Gospel. And, certainly through out global movement evangelism and church planting are very significant.”

Religious freedom, war, poverty, human trafficking and other issues are facing Christians today. According to Tunnicliffe, Christians need to get involved in these issues. “The challenge is when we’re working with vulnerable people, how do you share the Good News? First of all, we live it out. And then, as people see us living it out we get the opportunity to share the transforming message of the Gospel with people.”

One of the pressing needs is the Darfur genocide. Tunnicliffe says, “This oppressive regime in Khartoum has now finally signed a peace accord with the rebels in the Darfur region, but action must taken very quickly. There are 2.5 million people at risk. The relief and development agencies had to move out because of the conflict, but now we’re hoping they’ll move back in.”

He says prayer is need now that the Khartoum government will allow peace-keepers into the region so Christian humanitarian groups can help physically and spiritually.

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