Wear a T-shirt to stand with persecuted Iraqi Christians

By August 22, 2014
(Photo cred: Assyrian International News Agency)

(Photo credit Assyrian International News Agency)

Iraq (MNN) — Are you “N”? Being “N” in Iraq means you have four options: convert to Islam, pay up, get out, or die. Here’s why: the letter “N” stands for the Arabic word nasara, which means Nazarene, and is being used by Islamic State (IS) terrorists to identify the homes of Iraqi Christians.

The “N” symbol, spray-painted in red on believers’ homes in Mosul, Iraq, essentially became a target in mid-July. It paralleled an ultimatum issued to Christians by the terrorists. Now, Voice of the Martyrs USA is using this “N” symbol as a way for believers in the West to support their persecuted brothers and sisters.

When believers were forced to flee Mosul for their lives, some people only had whatever they were wearing at the time. VOM USA is helping these believers by providing daily necessities. They’re also assessing future needs of persecuted Iraqi Christians.

Looking to help Iraqi Christians?

The real question should be, “Are you N?” If you’re willing to claim your faith and stand with those that do–even when it means persecution, you can show that support by purchasing an “I Am N” T-shirt.

stand with iraqi christians

Are you “N”?
(Image credit VOM USA)

Buying an “N” t-shirt doesn’t just show your support for persecuted Iraqi Christians. It’s also a conversation starter. When people ask what the shirt’s symbol means, you can tell them about the persecution being largely overlooked by major news outlets. In addition, half of the sale proceeds are used to help persecuted Iraqi Christians.

Find more details and order a T-shirt at VOM’s “I Am N” Web site.

Financial needs are obvious, but could you please cover Iraqi Christians in prayer, too? Pray for their protection and safety. Pray that hardships they’re enduring will make them cling even tighter to the Lord. Pray for VOM USA as they assess future needs and develop a response strategy.

More about VOM USA’s work around the world here.


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