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Published on 07 May, 2010

Website offers alternative to suicide

USA (MNN) — We're bombarded by statistics every day, and it's easy to ignore them. But listen to this one: in the USA, every 100 minutes a teenager ends his own life.

For teens, the hurts in life, such as parental divorce, abuse, abandonment and bullying, become too much, and they give up on life before they have had much of a chance to live it.

In this technological age, media messages do not do much to affirm young people, making it even harder for them to cope.

However, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries said is trying to use the internet to positively impact these kids.

"The young people of this generation never have known less about Jesus and been so far from Him. They're ‘lost' and need to know that Jesus is their only true hope," RHM said.

The site offers a safe haven for teenagers to discuss tough issues facing their generation and receive answers to the many questions they have.

And all of this is in video or blog form, filled with laughs and popular culture references, which appeal to site users. The use of YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter also make the site current.

The hope of Christ is woven throughout all of the videos and blogs, showing teenagers the sacrifice Christ made to save their lives.

Are you a teenager or do you know a teenager who needs some encouragement? Check it out!

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