Website offers plethora of Bible translations

By July 13, 2009

International (MNN) — A coalition of Bible translation and mission agencies are working together to provide a database of Scripture in multiple languages. The Forum of Bible Agencies International has launched Find A Bible, an innovative and interactive Web site that gives easy access to 15,000 Scripture products in more than 3,000 languages.

Jon Anderson with
World Bible Translation Center says, "Find a Bible is a Web site that comprises all Scripture resources that we can access either in print, or digitally, or audio or in any other format that we can find.

The coalition includes Audio Scripture Ministries, Faith Comes By Hearing, OneHope, Open Doors, SIM International, World Bible Translation Center, Wycliffe and dozens of other organizations.

Anderson says this is an all encompassing project. "We would like the Scriptures from every organization that has produced Scripture and has it available in any language. It could be a little as a few verses to as much as a whole Bible."

The Find A Bible site ( ) provides the most comprehensive and current database of Bibles and portions in majority and minority languages available.

Anderson says the group is looking for more Bibles. "If you know of Bibles out there that we don't have on Find A Bible, we would ask you to send us an e-mail through the Find A Bible Web site, and we'll get it on there."

Prior to the release of Find A Bible, people wishing to find Scripture in a particular language had to browse through a variety of Web sites that offered a limited number of Scripture products for purchase or online viewing. Users had to guess which agency might have the product, then contact them to find out if it even existed and how to obtain a copy. But now, through Find A Bible, with just the name of a language and a click of the mouse, links to Scripture products are within reach.

Anderson says veteran Bible translators agree. "This is the one place
that has the most Scripture available to the most people in the history
of humanity." 

Many Scripture products noted on the site have never before been listed
on the Web. Through Find A Bible, users now have a single place to
search, download, view, or listen to these Bibles through links to
Forum member agency Web sites.

The site is helpful to people different types of people. He says it's beneficial to those who don't have a Bible in their own language. It's helpful to people who need a minority language and don't know where to find it. It can also help identify languages that need Scripture.

Pray that God will use this Scripture resource to draw many to Himself.

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