Westerners cautioned as they travel to India

By December 9, 2008

India (MNN) — The governments of France, United Kingdom and the United States are asking citizens to exercise caution when traveling to India.

The warnings come on the heels of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which claimed the lives of 180 people and injured more than 300. While terrorism isn't new to India, for the first time westerners have been targeted.

Operation Mobilization sends foreign believers to India to help with medical camps, teachers and pastoral training. While the travel warnings were issued late last week, OM's Peter Dance says, "I think some people will be nervous. I would be nervous. There might be a small change, but at the moment we haven't seen any groups saying we don't want to go this year because of the terrorism."

OM takes many precautions. "We obviously are not going to send these groups into an area where the church is already being persecuted, like Orissa, right now. And we won't send them into high-tourist areas and high-profile areas."

Dance says the foreign workers are needed, especially to help train church leaders. "There's probably a church every two or three days forming. And I'm talking about a real congregation of 25 or more. And so we want to see that the leadership of those churches are solid and grounded well in Scripture."

Dance says the infant churches also needs financial support. "We're involved, of course, on a temporary basis supporting pastors to go into those areas and lead and guide the church, whilst he teaches and trains the church to get on its feet. And then, the church can take over in supporting their own pastor."

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