What could saying “yes” to God look like?

By July 25, 2019

USA (MNN) — What could a life of saying ‘yes’ to God look like? Just ask Sarah Breuel from International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Europe or IFES Europe. Breuel was a guest speaker hosted by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. She drew from stories of her own faith walk during her talk on saying “yes” to God. Born in Brazil, Breuel had felt the call to missions on her life since she was a little girl.

(Photo courtesy of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Urbana Student Missions Conference website)

“My father is a businessman. I got good advice to study something else before I studied theology. So, [I] stud[ied] business…[While] studying business [I] met my husband as well, who was planning to serve in missions.

“God has brought us together in the same desire to serve Him. But when we graduated from business, our plan, our dream was to study theology after. So, for three years, we were at Regent College in Canada.”

During their time at Regent College, Breuel and her husband attended the 2006 Urbana student missions conference hosted by InterVarsity. It was in this process of discerning God’s call on their life that the Breuels found themselves led to Italy. They have lived there for nearly nine years now.

“Urbana was instrumental. That week, the calling for missions, that flame that was inside me was almost like He came to [me]. It’s almost like there was so much wood for that fire here because you get to see people that are also passionate about God in missions in the same way. Hear from global voices and just be exposed to multicultural worship,” Breuel explains.

Faithful “Yes”

Her faithful “yeses” bring us to today. Breuel now works as the Evangelism Training Coordinator with IFES in Rome, Italy. She is also the Director of Revive, a conference seeking revival across Europe.

(Photo by Christopher Czermak on Unsplash)

“You know, it’s beyond anything that I could have dreamed for, to be dreaming about revival in Europe. But it is just in that journey of trusting Him, being as close as you can to Him, and being faithful to whatever He entrusts and He increases that.”

Ask yourself—how could God use my faithful “yes”?

Take the time to grow close to Him, listen, and discern how He is leading you. Pray for God’s discernment for His call on your life.

Listen to more about Breuel’s story here.



Header photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash.

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