What is worship and why does it matter?

By September 24, 2019

International (MNN) — What is worship? Is it something you only do on Sunday morning? Or is it something that penetrates every ounce of your life? Eric Mock, Vice President of Ministry Operations for Slavic Gospel Association offers his thoughts.


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“Worship has never been relegated to music alone for worship comes through prayer. Worship comes through outreach. [It] comes through the preaching of God’s Word. All activities of the church, are those things that bring glory to God.”

Mock says one of the most exciting things about the churches SGA serves is how these churches serve God with fervor. Every day there are believers busy in the churches, working on Bible studies and other activities. There is a passion for God ablaze, even in restricted areas. And their work to glorify God manifests itself beyond the Sunday morning hymns.

In fact, Mock has worshipped through music alongside believers in restricted areas. For these believers, worship is far from an obligation; it’s a privilege.

Worship in Restricted Areas

Hidden away in a restricted area of Central Asia, windows closed despite the 110-degree temperature indoors, Mock witnessed believers singing together and sharing their testimonies.

“The pastor was preaching the Word, what an amazing opportunity for worship. No sound systems, no smoke machine…it was just God’s people bringing glory to Him,” Mock describes.

And worship like this, well, it is a witness.

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“For an unbeliever to see our worship coming from a heart of a transformed life, to see that it was a life changed, to see that it was more than just singing, it was that the word of God implanted in the heart transforms a person’s life. So, the witness for an unbeliever is not necessarily the style of worship on Sunday morning, but the witness for an unbeliever is this life that has been wholly transformed by the Gospel,” Mock says.

Ask yourself, is my worship inspired by a heart transformed by God?

Let’s pray for eyes that never stop seeing God’s goodness and hearts that praises Him in each situation. Pray also for the strength and encouragement of the churches in Central Asia as they serve Christ. And ask God for a heart that manifests itself as a witness, too.

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