What is your anchor in the storm?

By September 12, 2019

International (MNN) – Sometimes, turning on the news is discouraging. Chances are stories about hurricanes in the United States, the pending Brexit deal, and international trade wars will flash across the TV screen.

Hope in the Storm

Stories like these can make it feel like a storm is brewing. But Denise Godwin, president of International Media Ministries, says that regardless of the storm, Christians find their anchor in Christ.

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“In times of challenge and storm, we go into a certain mode of preparation and covering our bases…But I look at the contrast of some of the religions of the world where people are seeking certainty or surety through actions. We have the amazing certainty in Jesus Christ,” Godwin says.

“No matter what happens to us, He is with us. He is walking with us through every storm.”

Godwin says many parts of the world do not have this certainty. When a storm comes, it can leave behind horrific consequences. Christians face these consequences, but they are not left without hope.

“We know that our soul is fine. It’s in the right place, we’ve got Christ with us, and we will survive the storms. Even as Paul said, ‘to die is gain, I’ll be with Christ’. There’s this certainty that other religions don’t have, no matter what the physical circumstances are,” Godwin explains.

Prayers During Trials

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International Media Ministries is going through a production storm of its own at the moment. Currently, the ministry is preparing for filming in October. However, Godwin says they are still trying to get the locations and funding together for production. The ministry is also seeing specific attacks on colleagues and their circumstances. Still, the ministry perseveres and relies on its foundation in Christ.

“We know that God’s power is going to overcome the challenges that we’re facing. We’re going to shoot a story this fall of Cyprian who was a martyr. In the end, the Church faced immense persecution in two different waves during his lifetime. And yet, the Church stood strong, and some people are in heaven before the story is even over,” Godwin says.

These early Christians, despite their circumstances, knew that Christ is worthy of following, regardless of the storm. But as the Church, we need to pray for each other, uphold one another, and encourage one another in Christ. Will you pray?

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Pray for the protection and encouragement of those impacted by storms, whether they are actual hurricanes or the upheaval of everyday life.

Pray for opportunities for Christ to encounter the people in storms, for them to come to a new hope in Christ, and for Christ’s love and truth to bring a new perspective on life and eternity.

Finally, please pray for those who are persecuted for their faith. Pray for their perseverance, their witness, and their strength to endure and continue sharing the good news of Christ.

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