When God winks at His people

By March 15, 2024

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — In Romans 15:5, Paul refers to “the God who gives endurance and encouragement.” 

Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries (IMM) shares one example of what she describes as “God winks.” 

“So often, each of us has something that we feel passionate about, or we feel called to do in our lives. Yet there are obstacles and challenges, and it’s easy to get discouraged over things that seem too big or too hard, or a calling that is just wearing us down,” Godwin says. 

“It’s good to rejoice and recognize when God gives you a wink.”

IMM is filming the story of Esther to reach the Persian world. Recently, they needed incense burner stands with a unique, historical design. 

“In the research [process], the art director found that there are these very specific incense burners that are in front of the king so that Esther or anyone else does not approach beyond that without permission, without risk of death. These are things that you can actually find in the sculpted reliefs in Iran.”

The art director wanted authentic and accuracy, but he could not find the right stands for the incense burners. 

(Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries via Facebook)

“We have a budget, but sometimes if you can’t find the object at all, money isn’t always the thing that makes everything perfect,” Godwin says. 

The art director finally told the Lord, “It’s just not happening. I can’t think of any other way.”

“The next day, he saw some people pulling furniture out of their yard, and they were throwing away a table that had the exact shape legs of these incense burners,” Godwin says.

“He was so excited. He just stopped and asked them, ‘Is this really going in the trash?’ They said, ‘Sure. Do you want it?’ He reworked these into really beautiful, beautiful stands — you can imagine these belong in front of a throne.”

The story only got better when the incense burners arrived in the mail and fit the top of the stands perfectly, as if they had been designed that way.

“It was just beautiful to see how God would say, ‘I see this project, I have called you to do Esther. And I am going to supply your needs.’ We’re going to be counting on that a lot over the next 18 months as we continue to move forward on that project.” 

Pray that Esther will draw many in the Persian world to the gospel. (More on that here.

Be on the lookout for how the Lord may be telling you today that He sees you.


Header image of Esther: Queen of Hope courtesy of International Media Ministries.

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