While many in the U-S focus on Asia, homeless need helpWhile many in the U-S focus on Asia, homeless need help

By January 3, 2005

USA (MNN) — As the world reaches out to help the tsunami victims, a Christian organization in the U-S isn’t losing its focus.

Here’s Life Inner City, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, is distributing what they call, ‘Homeless Care Kits’ to those without a home this winter. Here’s Life’s Tedd Gandy says this year they plan to distribute over 8,000 kits. “They’re out there for a lot of different reasons and it’s not just men. It’s women and children. And, we want to connect spiritually with those individuals.”

Gandy says, “The care kits involve of course a blanket, glover, a cap, a scarf, socks, toiletries, everything basically that are needed for survival in that setting.”

The end goal is telling these needy people about Christ, one-on-one. “Our care givers go out in the late hours, sometimes at 11 o’clock at night, or midnight, and are able to extend these products that really are needed, but also to communicate the love of Christ to these individuals and try to get them into a more stable situation.”

Here’s Life Inner City is raising money to purchase these kits. It only costs $33 to purchase and deliver these kits.

Many organizations not involved in tsunami relief are concerned their funding will decrease in the days ahead. Gandy’s encouraging people not to forget these groups. “There usually is some impact when there is a high profile event like that. Of course that’s a very real need. It does affect giving to on-going projects like this. I think what we need to do is continue the commitments that we’ve historically had and then dig a little deeper.”

To help Here’s Life Inner City’s Homeless Care Kit program, go to their web site, http://www.HLIC.org.

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