While Poland ends weapons supply to Ukraine, Polish churches are still sending aid

By September 28, 2023

Poland/Ukraine (MNN) — A grain dispute between neighboring countries Ukraine and Poland has escalated, and now Poland says it will stop supplying weapons to Ukraine for the war with Russia.

To understand the grain dispute, we have to look back to early in the war when Russia began attacking Ukraine’s food supply and grain facilities.

Since then, Eric Mock with Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) says, “Ukraine is looking for different ways to move their wheat, which includes moving their wheat and their grain into eastern Europe, which is diluting their own markets [in eastern Europe] and so their farmers are upset. So I think what we’re seeing is a little bit of the typical negotiations between the grain issues between each of the countries, especially Poland dealing with that issue and their own farmers.”

The European Union previously had a ban on Ukrainian grain imports that didn’t renew after September 15. Then last week, Poland decided to extend its own Ukrainian grain ban, raising diplomatic tensions with its war-torn neighbor.

Aid distribution in Ukraine. (Photo courtesy of SGA)

The stakes are high for Poland to protect national interests with a general election coming up on October 15.

However, more grain export bans and fewer weapons put Ukraine in a tough spot as the war drags on for its people. “It has meant that many young men are losing their lives – estimates [report] between 800 and 1,000 men a day,” says Mock.

Although Poland and Ukraine’s relationship is currently strained, Mock says Christians in Poland are still partnering with SGA to send Ukrainians aid.

Mock says, “We have several Polish Baptist churches who are working with — 110 of them — and several have faithfully been purchasing aid [for Ukrainians] with support from many donors through SGA.

“Thousands of them are helping us to purchase that aid. They purchase it, package it, put it on pallets, and then pastors and truck drivers come from Ukraine to Poland to pick up that aid.

“SGA has now…helped churches provide 19 million meals since the war began. The result of that is reaching over 600,000 people with the Gospel.”

Aid to children and families in Ukraine. (Photo courtesy of SGA)

It’s an amazing demonstration of how God is meeting suffering Ukrainian’s needs, even when political powers fail.

“That’s only possible working through churches, and it’s only possible through churches helping churches,” says Mock. “So by God’s design, it’s an amazing time but the job isn’t over. So I encourage your listeners to continue to hold fast with the people in Ukraine.”

Pray for Church unity across Ukraine and Poland, and for Ukrainians’ spiritual encouragement with these food and aid deliveries from churches.

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Header photo of aid distribution in Ukraine. (Photo courtesy of SGA)