Why Do You Matter?

By September 6, 2013

International (MNN) — Multiple motivations could lie behind that question.

A bully might pose it to a timid school kid, aiming to strike fear and self-doubt. A philosophy professor might pose the question to a class full of preoccupied pupils, hoping to stir at least one student to deeper thought.

For World Mission, it's the heartbeat of a new ministry.

"Why Do You Matter? is our new campaign to give individuals an opportunity to reach the ends of the earth in a very practical, tangible way that doesn't break the bank," says Greg Kelley, Executive Director of World Mission.

"It mobilizes people who have a heart for the Great Commission, and yet their options are very limited."

Those limitations could include the following: education or lack thereof, job security, family, financial resources. Any of those sound familiar?

"People have a heart for those around the world who have never heard the Gospel," says Kelley. "But the on-ramps, or the opportunities, for them are so limited, they don't participate."

Why Do You Matter? opens a new door for missions participation.

"It's for anybody, of any age, to share their testimony and have it go to a place that they probably are never going to get to in their life," Kelley states.

"Anybody can do it; it's non-threatening, there's no huge audience around you. You're just conveying your story that literally hundreds and thousands of people are going to hear around the world."

So, how does it work? According to Kelley, the process is very user-friendly.

First, you record your testimony on video from the safety of your home. Then, you upload it to this secure Web site. From there, World Mission pairs it with the Gospel and takes it to unreached people groups around the world.

"Our target audience are people who've never heard the name of Jesus and are following [Islam], Hinduism, Buddhism, largely, [in areas lacking a Christian presence]," explains Kelley.

The heartfelt testimony of a believer, translated by World Mission into a people group's mother-tongue, will surely make an eternal difference.

"It is going to encourage somebody in an unreached field like nothing else, besides the blood of the Lamb, will," says Kelley.

"The Bible talks about how we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. We believe strongly in that."

Pray for wisdom and courage for those who share their testimonies as part of this project. Pray that many people will come to Christ as a result.

Click here to see how you can submit a testimony for Why Do You Matter?

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